Michelle Jensen Photography

Hello and thanks for stopping by! I am a self-taught photo enthusiast residing in Washington State.

Photography has been my primary creative outlet for the past 10+ years.  While I don't label myself as any certain type of photographer, my subject matter remains firmly grounded in nature and the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. I am lucky to combine two of my loves: being outdoors in nature and taking photos.

Over the years, I have gravitated towards capturing close-up details of flowers, trees, leaves, etc. Long-exposure images of water also hold a special place in my heart, as photographing waterfalls is what initially piqued my interest to do more with photography beyond casual snapshots. To this day, I remain an avid waterfall hunter, slowing checking off what seems to be a never ending bucket list of new places to visit.

Having said that, you won't find any grandiose landscape images in my galleries as I personally feel those are best left to others who do it much better. My passion lies in capturing the quieter and more intimate places in nature.

If you are interested in a print, please use the 'Contact' page to submit an inquiry. I work with several reputable companies to produce fine art in a variety of mediums and formats. As I work on my various projects, I will be adding new images to my galleries so please bookmark and visit again!